Theological Studies for Women 

All of us have thoughts about God. What do you think about when you think about God? Whatever answer you give to that question is the most important thing about you- because whatever you answered will shape and influence every area of your life.

Womenary provides studies that help you think rightly about God. We offer a series of seminary styled classes covering theological topics, based on the Bible, with no homework or writing requirements, all taught by seminary graduates. If an orderly, academic, thought provoking study of God is of interest to you, welcome to Womenary!

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Womenary is Going Places!

With prayer and careful planning, we have begun the exciting project of filming our courses to be able to offer them online.  This will allow an unlimited number of students around the world to participate in our classes. It is our desire to provide this opportunity to believers everywhere who are seeking a greater knowledge of the Truth in a world that is increasingly disbelieving biblical Truth.

Your financial sponsorship of these videos will help us accomplish this goal. Please provide the funds for the amount of video recording you could sponsor. The minutes or hours you fund will go unto all the world, to all kinds of people, with teaching that magnifies the Lord and multiplies the knowledge of the Holy.   Click Here To Give!

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7 Ready Responses to the Objections of Believers 

Are there unbelievers and questioners of your faith in your circle of friends or family?

This class will prepare you to confidently defend the truthfulness of your Christian faith. Scripture says we are to be ready to give an answer for the hope within us, but we want to give an answer, not get into an argument. The purpose of this course is to provide you with ready, reasonable responses that should communicate the reason for your hope in Christ, in a kind and convincing manner, which may become a mind changing, life changing conversation.

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