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By Windy Gallagher
Sunday, February 14, 2021

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Let love find me cooking dinner.

   Leaning over vegetables, chopping and occupying my hands in service.

   Thinking, clear thoughts of thankfulness for the provision that I have been given.

Let love find me praying.

   Lifting up, leaning in, listening.

   Listening to the words of God to find the ways to love deep.

   Quiet and expecting.

Let love find me living.

   Fully living.

   Awake in the sorrows of life, awake in the joys of life.

   Present with the ones that I love and the ones that need love more than anything.

Let love find me singing.

   Crying out in reverence, need, blessing, pain.

   A holy sound.

   A dependent posture.

Let love find me offering.

   Offering myself to God and to others.

   Giving abundantly without prejudice, judgement, holding back.

   Warmth, accepting, a depth of grace so free that I could give it all, every last drop, away.

   But there’s always more.

Let love find me believing that there is always more grace to give and to receive.

Windy Gallagher

Windy Gallagher lives in Tyler, Texas where she is a thankful wife to her college sweetheart, and a mother of two brave and handsome boys. Windy has been a Womenary student for many years and is a member of the Womenary board. Her passion for the Lord is often expressed through her writing about the real struggles of life and the practical and profound ways God uses them to bring victory and freedom in her life. Join her on Facebook or twitter @windybecca
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